The 7 Best Things to Do in Locarno

- Switzerland -

The 7 Best Things to Do

in Locarno

– Switzerland –

by Ana Alexa, 15th of February 2023

Locarno is one of the most beautiful regions of Switzerland. There are plenty of things to do around every corner and most of them are family-friendly! Rivers, lakes, campsites, hotels, and outdoor activities offer travelers in search of adventure the best they can expect. So, once you have done the 10 best things in Lugano, you are also ready for 7 best things to do in Locarno:

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Enjoy a spectacular view from Cimetta-Cardada

One of the best things to do in Locarno is to get on top of the Cardada mountain. It is that beautiful that locals named it The pearl of Lago Maggiore! On top of Cardada you can also do great outdoor activities: breathtaking paragliding tandem flights, family-friendly excursions, and even mountain bike trails! Last but not least, you can enjoy a breathtaking view over Locarno, the Maggia River, Lake Maggiore, and the Brissago islands.

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Explore the secluded canyons of Valle Maggia

Valle Maggia is an amazing destination for all outdoor lovers, and actually it has some of the most beautiful and famous canyoning spots in the world. You can find everything here that is cool in canyoning. From playful little slides and jumps to abseils in 100m waterfalls. Amazing rock formations, crystal clear green water and a lot of fun and excitement awaits you during these tours. Come and join Ticino Outdoor‘s well-prepared team and have an experience of a lifetime!

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Let eagles fly over your head in Locarno

At the Falconeria of Locarno, you can discover the fascinating world of large birds of prey at close range. Get ready to admire and photograph few feet away, eagles, hawks, owls, vultures, marabou, ibis and storks. These beautiful birds, with incredible speed, elegance and intelligence, will bring you to a new dimension, in close contact with nature. Soon after entering the falconry of Locarno you will feel like you are going back to an ancient time, in which the collaboration with hunting animals was essential for subsistence of all humans.

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Spend a day of wonders in the Verzasca Valley

One of the most beautiful and surreal places in Ticino is definitely Valle Verzasca. At the time of an ancient glaciation, this valley used to house an impressive glacier that, through its melting, gave birth to the spectacular Verzasca river. With its clear emerald waters, the Verzasca river flows majestically through huge polished rocks and a beautiful landscape. In the summer season, the spots with the quietest waters turn into inviting natural pools where, with due attention, you can swim, dive and have a lot of fun!

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Experience bungee jumping like James Bond

If bungee jumping is on your bucket list, then you have to do it in Ticino! This attraction, located between Lugano and Locarno, takes its name from the wonderful jump that James Bond did in the movie Goldeneye. It is located at the Verzasca dam which stands out with an incredible height of 220 meters. It takes a great deal of courage to jump from such a tall dam, but bungee jumping is certainly an adventure that you will remember for your whole life. Please bear in mind that this bungee is open mainly in the summer and only limited time in spring and autumn.

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Try canyoning in the Verzasca Valley

One of the top places in Ticino is the famous Verzasca Valley, where an emerald river flows between huge and majestic boulders. Right here you can experience a wonderful canyoning adventure, thanks to the professional team of Purelements. Get ready to plunge from small natural waterfalls, slide from white polished granite slopes and have lots of laughs with your friends! There are numerous routes from which you can choose, based on your physical preparation and your desire for adrenaline.